How to enhance the corridor

A passageway, sometimes a little cramped, the corridor – which does not always benefit from natural light – is often (and wrongly) overlooked. If, on the other hand, its potential is enhanced, it can become a functional and welcoming area. The best business card for every home.

Light is a crucial node, to be solved with solutions that take into account the elongated shape of the space and the prolonged lighting of the lamps throughout the day. Spotlights are suitable, but not only.

Divisions with glass panels

For those who want to tackle structural changes, a large sliding door has a unique appeal: the space doubles and the light easily filters. Furthermore, for 2018, this type of intervention benefits from the tax deduction.


Modular cabinets and bookcases transform a service space into a super-functional room. When the surface is reduced, freestanding and transformable furniture is used to help, so as not to waste even a centimeter.

Colors, tapestries and wall stickers are just some useful ideas to transform this environment into the most suitable place to welcome and welcome guests. Plus, some ideas to copy for hanging paintings.

In the right light
The lighting project, in this long and narrow environment by definition, often dark, is of great importance. There are rare cases in which windows are present: often it is instead necessary to provide an integration of artificial light, even during the day. With preferably low consumption sources

Geometrie on the top

It is the graphic of the ceiling, with strong black lines on a white background that makes this solution special. Irregular figures are formed, in whose corners technical suspensions are placed with a conical diffuser. There are five lighting points, so daylighting is guaranteed at any time. The black profile of the door, which stands out on the wall, is of the same thickness.

A pop detail is the colored plastic coat hangers, hung in random order, almost to punctuate the wall, (they are the Bästis model by Ikea). To soften the rigor of black and white, the wall painted in an intense shade of blue.

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