The Ultimate Guide To Creating a Cozy Living Room

Typically, the living room is the most used area of the house, and for good reason! It is a multi-functional space that serves a variety of purposes, from intimate family gatherings to loud Monday night football with friends. Which is why it’s important to have a cozy space where you spend majority of your time. So here are 5 things that you need to make sure the interior designer in you understands before you revamp your living room;

Color Palette

It’s important to have a color palette for your living room, just mixing up a lot of bold and warm colors won’t suffice. Doing that can look random and messy whereas having a defined palette of a perfect balance between dark and lights can really hold the room together. Thats what sets apart interior designers geelong from other people. Typically darker shades like charcoal or gray can contrast really well with warm, rustic colors of the furniture and wall pieces, but it really depends on what kind of look you’re going for.

Have a lot of soft surfaces

We think it’s safe to say that soft, snuggly surfaces and coziness are directly proportional to each other. A properly placed rug, some blankets on your couch, contrasting patterns and textures of cushions can really make your space an inviting area and hold the entire room together by giving it a homey feel!

Mood lighting

This is an important one that most people seem to ignore. It is imperative that for a multi-functional, cosy space that you have layered lighting. Don’t depend on a single fixture of light. Add layers – have ceiling lights, lamps and a proper opening for a natural source of light to illuminate the area. And don’t forget the dimmer switch!

Furniture Placement

Your furniture placement in the living room can really have a large impact on your design. Pair your furniture pieces with each other such that they go together in contrast rather than having matching furniture. It adds layer and texture to your space and prevents it from seeming boring. A large, main sofa, a few comfy chairs (depends on your space) and a single, comfy, couch can usually do the trick for a typical living room.  Usually corner sofas can also act as effective dividers if you have an open floor plan!

Personal touch

While designing a comfy and cozy living room, don’t forget to add a personal touch to your space. Include pieces that mean something to you. Picture frames, candles, wall art, unique items from your friends and family can go really well to make the space feel like your own. Sometimes having a minimalistic, clean space can take all the homey-ness out of it. It starts to seem like a generic place, like a hotel lobby that just anyone can fit in. your living room should reflect a little bit of who you are and things that are important to you!



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