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    50th Anniversary Conference
 - Introduction
Conference Proceedings
 - Welcome
 - Opening Address
 - Keynote Address
Session 1:
Growing & Enhancing the Surveying Profession
Session 2:
Images of Surveyors and Surveying
Closing Address and Resolutions
Dinner Proceedings
Conference Report
Program: GOLDEN JUBILEE Conference

50 Years and Beyond – Positioning the Profession

On Saturday 25 May 2002, the Institution formally celebrated its 50th Anniversary at Parliament House, Canberra, with a one-day conference followed by a gala formal dinner.

Keith Bell, Surveyor General of Victoria, organised the Conference program, served as Master of Ceremonies for the day and prepared the ISA Conference Report.

  Report.pdf (18.61KB)

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Conference Proceedings:


Mr Phil Hayward, FISAust, President, Institution of Surveyors

L-R Gary Nairn, Terry Roberts, Phil Hayward

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Opening Address

Mr Gary Nairn, MHR, Federal Member for Eden-Monaro

Nairn OA.pdf (18.29KB)

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Keynote Address

Emeritus Professor Terry Roberts, Hon FISAust

Lessons from the First Fifty Years, Challenges and Opportunities for the Future

Professor Roberts has recently retired as Dean of the Faculty of Applied Sciences at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University and was formerly Head of the Department of Surveying and Land Information

BioTR.pdf (5.28KB)

Roberts KeyNote.pdf (48.79KB)

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Session 1: Growing and Enhancing the Surveying Profession

Chair: Peter Swan, MISAust, President-Elect, Institution of Surveyors, Australia

Bye Bye Baby Boomer – Now for Generation X

Dean Wallington, MISAust, Councillor, Institution of Surveyors, Australia, Western Australia

Wallington.pdf (102.65KB)

Imaging, A network of futures for the Surveying Profession

Chris Bellman, MISAust, Senior Lecturer , RMIT University

Bellman.ppt (3395KB)

Getting the Gender Balance Right – Issues Facing Women in Surveying

Gabrielle McCarthy, MISAust, Senior Surveyor and Project Manager, Coomes, Victoria

McCarthy.ppt (249.34KB)

The Global Surveyor

Matt Higgins, MISAust, Senior Surveyor, Department of Natural Resources and Mines, Queensland

Higgins.ppt (1256KB)

BioMH.pdf (7.89KB)

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Session 2: Images of Surveyors and Surveying

Chair: Mr Malcolm McCoy, FISAust, Immediate Past President, Institution of Surveyors, Australia

Images of Surveyors

Russell Wenholz, MISAust, Registered Surveyor, ACT Government

Wenholz_notes.pdf (11.59KB)

Wenholz_1979.pdf (9.36KB)



Surveyors on Film

John Brock, FISAust, Consulting Surveyor, Rose Consulting Group, NSW

Brock.pdf (118.38KB)

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Closing Address & Resolutions

Mr Phil Hayward, FISAust, President, Institution of Surveyors.

In the closing session of the Conference, President Phil Hayward proposed the following Resolution:

"2002, being the 50th anniversary of the Institution of Surveyors Australia, acknowledges the contributions surveyors to Australia’s development, and to the leadership, past and present."

To ensure the future of the surveying profession, the Institution commits to:

  • Leading institutional reform that recognises and enhances the scope of the surveying profession, as defined by the International Federation of Surveyors (FIG), for the betterment of society
  • Pursuing initiatives that improve equity in the surveying profession
  • Encouraging the surveying profession of Australia to continue to contribute at the global level

The Resolution was passed unanimously.

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Dinner Proceedings:

The Mural Room, Parliament House, provided the venue for the formal dinner event. The special guest speakers were Gary Nairn, MP, Member for Eden Monaro and James Moody, Australian Young Engineer of the Year Winner. Their speakers notes are available to download:

Gary Nairn, MP, Member for Eden Monaro

Nairn-Dinner.pdf (30.49)

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James Moody, Australian Young Engineer of the Year Winner

Moody.pdf (18.07KB)

Photos of the evening:

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Conference Report

Report.pdf (18.61KB)

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