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Open Project


Airborne Video and Video-GIS
Airesearch Mapping Pty Ltd
Airesearch Mapping Pty Ltd have developed an advanced airborne video technique for cost effective and rapid spatial data capture for long "linear assets“ (ViMap)
It enables digital mapping from video and spatial positioning data ViMap uses a helicopter platform mounted with the following sensors and data acquisition systems:

  • Forward and vertical digital video cameras
  • GPS positioning
  • Inertial attitude sensor
  • Laser scanning
  • PC acquisition

Airesearch Mapping Pty Ltd have also developed a Video/GIS viewing application (ViGis).  This integrates video imagery and digital route mapping into an easily controlled PC system.  It allows the user to review the acquired video of the corridor for asset management, monitoring and assessment


 Highly Commended

Surveying the City Link Tolling System
Peyton Waite Pty ltd
Peyton Waite played a key role in the implementation of the world’s first multiple lane fully automatic electronic road tolling system on Melbourne’s city link project.
The project involved the alignment of electronic sensors within a 1 millimetre tolerance as part of the $1.6 billion project


Chek Lap Kok Airport Project
Linke & Linke Surveys International
Associated survey work between 1993 – 2000 for the construction of the Chek Lap Kok Airport Project

Border Survey Project
Border Survey Centenary Project Ltd
Border Survey Project – A Centenary of Federation Project

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Small Project

Flood Hazard and Risk Analysis Survey
Logan City Council
The project was undertaken as part of a risk assessment strategy using GIS to determine the number of buildings situated in, or near areas subject to flooding.

Within Logan City, over 2000 existing habitable or commercially used buildings were found to be affected by flood.


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Student Project

GIS & Coal Mine Management
Matthew Smith - UNSW
Matthew’s project involved the implementation of GIS technology to the Berrima colliery in southern New South Wales.
The project briefly reviews where GIS can be used within a mine with detailed descriptions of the datasets that could be used as a mine record tracing and as mine rescue system

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