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Traverse 214, May 2004
- VIC TAS Survey Conference 2004, A Fabulous Success! R. Simpson
- Robert Hoddle Prize in Surveying Annouced.

Mathew Warnest - 25/05/04

Traverse 213, April 2004
- The Internet, Surfing, Networks, Email and the Young Surveyors Group. P. Bjerkhamn
- Information Update Seminar, Summary Notes. I.Romeril

Mathew Warnest - 10/05/04

Notice of Annual General Meeting, 16 April 2004
To be held at the Survey Conference in Launceston
Mathew Warnest - 1/04/04

Victoria Tasmania Survey Conference, Launceston 15-17 April 2004
Coinciding with VIC School Holidays and Easter this is the perfect chance to mix “business with pleasure” and enjoy the splendid offerings of Tasmania!

Details Brochure.

Mathew Warnest - 10/03/04

Traverse 212, March 2004
- Does Our Style Of Thinking Restrict Our Future? F. Culliver
- Definition of a Surveyor. L. Perry

Mathew Warnest - 1/03/04

Traverse 210, December/January 2004
- The SSI Con: Fact or Fiction? C. Bellman
- Retiring President's Address. R. Bortoli

Mathew Warnest - 1/01/04

Traverse 209, November 2003
- Convergence, J.Pearce
- CFA: Wildfire Management Overlays and planning for new dwellings, G.Wright

Mathew Warnest - 19/12/03

Traverse 208, October 2003
- The SSI, Why do I feel like I am being conned? R Green.
- John Tulloch, the new Surveyor General of Victoria

Mathew Warnest - 8/10/03

Traverse 207, September 2003
- How Well are Surveyors Represented in the SSI, K.Jones
- Birdsville Monument for VIC Surveyor Augustus Poeppel

Mathew Warnest - 8/09/03

Traverse 206, August 2003
- That Once a Year Gala Event, R.Simpson
- J G Gillespie Gold Medal Prize awarded to Scott Jukes
- Thornton-Smith Medal awarded to Dr Bruce Foster

Mathew Warnest - 27/08/03

Notice of General Meeting & Cocktail Function, 20 August 2003
Guest Speaker: James Ruddle. Deputy Victorian Government Solicitor
Mathew Warnest - 6/08/03

Traverse 205, July 2003
- Tolling of the Bell, ISV thank you to Dr Keith Bell. A Mocicka
- Victorian Survey Conference 2004 in Launceston, preliminary annoucement

Mathew Warnest - 30/07/03

Victorian Survey Conference 2004, Launceston 15-17 April
Coinciding with VIC School Holidays and Easter this is the perfect chance to mix “business with pleasure” and enjoy the splendid offerings of Tasmania!
Mathew Warnest - 29/07/03

Traverse 204, June 2003
- New CEO for Spatial Information-CRC
- 26 July, Surveying Industry Gala Dinner
- Survey Conference 2003, Traralgon
- much much more!

Mathew Warnest - 4/07/03

Surveying Industry Gala Dinner, 26th July 2003
Trilogy Room, Park Hyatt Melbourne, including:
- J G Gillespie Gold Medal Prize
- Robert Hoddle Prize in Surveying
- Thornton-Smith Medal
- Surveyors Board Awards

Mathew Warnest - 30/06/03

Traverse 203, May 2003
- Whats in a Vote, P.Sullivan
- Call for Nominations, Federal Councillors
- RMIT Honorary Doctorate awarded to Surveyor General of Victoria

Mathew Warnest - 16/05/03

Call for Submissions - Robert Hoddle Prize in Surveying 2003
This Award for Excellence in Surveying represents a great opportunity for Surveyors
within Victoria to promote their achievements. Closing date for submissions is Wednesday 16 July 2003

Mathew Warnest - 12/05/03

Spatial Sciences in Victoria Seminar, 9 July 2003
This all-day event, includes keynote speakers, workshops and vendor displays and demonstrations, to be held at the DAREBIN ARTS & ENTERTANMENT CENTRE, Cnr Bell Street and Georges Road,
Mathew Warnest - 2/05/03

Traverse 202, April 2003
- Spatial Sciences Institute
- Gippsland Getaway
- Call for nominations JG Gillespie award

Mathew Warnest - 28/04/03

Survey Conference 2003, Traralgon 23-25 May
The ISV Gippsland Group is delighted to host the 2003 Victorian Survey Conference in Traralgon.
- Technical Sessions and Presentations
- Trade Displays

Mathew Warnest - 15/04/03

Traverse 201, March 2003
- Getting the balance right. R. Simpson
- Ecumencial Service, held 28th February. P O'Brien
- Notice of Survey Conference 2003 Traralgon, 23-25 May

Mathew Warnest - 1/04/03

Traverse 200, February 2003
- 200th Edition, Special Issue
- Grimes' Bicentennary
- Golf Day Winners
- SSC: Time to Vote!

Mathew Warnest - 25/03/03

Notice of General Meeting, 26 March 2003
A General Meeting of The Institution of Surveyors, Victoria will be held on WEDNESDAY 26 MARCH 2003. Pls Note, the meeting will no longer be followed by the Quarterly Dinner
Mathew Warnest - 18/03/03

Traverse 199, December 2002/January 2003
- Spatial Sciences Awards Night
- Professor of Surveying awarded a Member of the Order of Australia
- NEC Surveying in Schools Competition WINNERS!

Mathew Warnest - 6/02/03

RMIT Fundamentals of GPS Workshop, 13/14 February 2003
This 2 day short course introduces the fundamental concepts necessary for surveying using the Global Positioning System and showcases the latest in GPS technology.
Mathew Warnest - 5/02/03

Events Calendar 2003
The ISV/IEMSV Events Calendar is now available to download - See "Events Calendar" on the left side bar menu.
Mathew Warnest - 28/01/03

Ecumencial Service, 28 February 2003
St Christopher’s Anglican Church, East Bentleigh - followed by dinner at the Inn of China, 564 North Road, Ormond
Mathew Warnest - 28/01/03

Mathew Warnest - 2/01/03

Mathew Warnest - 1/01/03

ISV Annual Golf Day, 17 February 2003
F J WALTERS CUP, Kingswood Golf Club Centre Dandenong Road, Dingley Village
Mathew Warnest - 11/12/02

Traverse 198, November 2002
- Understanding Spatial Accuracy Assessment, A/Prof G. Hunter
- STOP PRESS: Update on the SSI, A/Prof M. Shortis

Mathew Warnest - 10/12/02

Discussion Paper: Review of the Regulatory and Administrative Framework for Survey and Spatial Information, October 2002
This Discussion Paper provides a basis for wide consultation with industry and interested parties as part of the Review of Survey and Spatial Information in Victoria.
Mathew Warnest - 31/10/02

Abtracts of the SSC Seminar - Web Delivery of Spatial Information, held 17 October 2002
Spatial Sciences Coalition Seminar - Web Delivery of Spatial Information, Abstracts of Presentations for those that were not able to attend the seminar.

Mathew Warnest - 31/10/02

Notice of Annual General Meeting, 11 December 2002
The 129th Annual General Meeting of The Institution of Surveyors, Victoria will be held at 6.15pm on Wednesday 11 December 2002, Acacia Room at the Darebin Arts & Entertainment Centre
Mathew Warnest - 25/10/02

Call for Nominations to Committee, close 4pm, 11 November 2002
Forms are available from the ISV office and should reach the Honorary Secretary on or before 4.00pm Monday 11 November 2002.

Mathew Warnest - 25/10/02

Spatial Sciences Awards Dinner, 11 December 2002
Wednesday 11 December 2002, Jacaranda Room Darebin Arts & Entertainment Centre, commencing 7.00pm for 7.30pm
Mathew Warnest - 25/10/02

Traverse 196, September 2002
- Survey Coordination Act: Dinosaur or Revolutionary!, P. Halliburton
- South Base Stone Park Werribee, B. Ross & K. Bell

Mathew Warnest - 8/10/02

Traverse 194, July 2002
- 50th Anniversary of the Institution of Surveyors, Australia
- August 28th General Meeting & Dinner, Councillor Nominations

Mathew Warnest - 29/07/02

Traverse 193, May-June 2002
- Challenge, change and how we Nurture Spatial Professionals. J Pearce
- Survey Conference 2002. R Bortoli

Mathew Warnest - 22/07/02

Traverse 192, April 2002
- Lead article: "Yes Minister! We get the Government we deserve - or do we?", R Green
- JG Gillespie Prize, Call for nominations

Mathew Warnest - 28/05/02

Traverse 190, February 2002
- Wade & White Memorial Unveiled
- Surveying Victoria Schools Competition

Mathew Warnest - 1/02/02


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