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Review & Amendment to Memorandum & Articles

1895, 1975, 2000 and the "Pink Book"

In 1895,The Institution of Surveyors, Victoria was created by a Memorandum of Association as a company limited by guarantee, incorporated pursuant to the provisions of the Companies Act 1890. The memorandum notes that the Institution was established for the "advancement and elevation of Surveying and Civil Engineering as professions in Victoria".

In 1975, the current version of the Articles of Association (otherwise known as the "Pink Book", based on the colour of the cover) were adopted at an Extraordinary General Meeting. The Articles of Association use language which is very gender specific, the document refers to Acts of Parliament which have been or soon will be superceded, and does not include any reference to the Graduate grade of membership of the Institution.

In 2000 it is appropriate that these two documents are modernised. The primary motivation, as identified by Committee, is that the Annual General Meeting must be held in December, and this does not allow the Institution to submit mandatory annual reports to government authorities in a timely manner. The Institution has been fined a small amount annually in recent years for late submissions to ASIC. Further, the Institution financial year is stated as October 1 to September 30 and this should be amended to be aligned with the universally adopted July 1 to June 30 financial year.

The Memorandum of Association is now an historic document that should stand intact, however a preamble or note to alter some of the (now) misleading statements is advisable.

As per section 77 of the Articles of Association, a Special General Meeting must be called and a three-fourths majority of those present and entitled to vote must approve for there to be a change in the Memorandum and/or Articles of Association. The Special General Meeting will be held immediately prior to the Quarterly Meeting of The Institution of Surveyors, Victoria on 26 May 2000, at the Regional Survey Conference in Marysville.

The current and revised versions of the documents are available as PDF (or Acrobat) files for download or viewing

Proposed Changes: ISV_AoA_Changes.pdf

Revised Document: ISV_AoA_Revised.pdf

Comments on the revised documents can be directed to Pat Murnane or to Mark Shortis.

Mark Shortis - Vice President

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