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What is Surveying?
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Future of Surveying
A High Tech Industry
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Diversity in Surveying
Exciting Places
Exciting Places

If you love travel, independence, the outdoors, and a challenge, surveying is for you. If you prefer high-tech solutions to sunburn, you’re still needed. Surveying is full of variety.

Check out stories on recent graduates and the many projects in the Australian Excellence in Surveying Awards for ideas.

Five great reasons to be a surveyor:

  1. Surveyors make big things happen
    Without surveyors, no significant development of the natural or built environment can succeed.
    Surveyors work in partnership with architects, engineers, lawyers and government..
  2. Have skills, will travel
    Surveyors’ skills are needed around the world. Mathematics is universal, so you don’t need another language. The language of surveying is understood from China to Chile.
    If you’d rather explore your own backyard, experienced surveyors have many choices in Australia.
  3. Job security
    Like doctors, lawyers and engineers, surveyors are always in demand. When it comes to getting a job after Uni, surveying is in the top ten professions. According to the Graduate Careers Council of Australia, over 94% of graduates at the start of 1999 had fulltime jobs within four months of completing their degrees (released March 2000).
  4. The great outdoors
    Fancy a campfire as a kitchen? Surveyors measure and manage information in the natural world. They work on site, only returning to the office to process data.
    They spend days, even weeks, in isolated locations, working (and sleeping!) in a portable office.
  5. Variety
    The Hydrographic Surveyor on the Great Barrier Reef, the Mining Surveyor at Roxby Downs, the Geodetic Surveyor studying the earth and planets, all started together at university. Surveying takes you anywhere.
    To learn more about becoming a professional surveyor, read about TAFE or University courses and what recent graduates are doing.


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