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Information for Assessment of Qualifications for Migrating Purposes

Please Note: Australian surveyors living overseas join the Foreign Division. Contact the National Office

Information on Assessment of Overseas Qualifications

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Assessment of Overseas Qualifications

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The Institution of Surveyors, Australia (ISA) represents Surveying and Land Information professionals in Australia. Its members work in all fields of Land & Hydrographic Surveying as well as the management of Land Information and Land Development.

Information and Land Development.

Other areas of what is termed "Surveying" in other countries, such as Quantity Surveying, Valuation or General Practice Surveying and Building Surveying are assessed by other bodies.

ISA is the assessing authority authorised to assess overseas qualifications for the purpose of migration to Australia under the general skilled migration categories for the occupation of Surveyor ASCO 2123-13 ONLY (eligible to become a Member of the Institution of Surveyors, Australia).

Applications for ASCO 3121-15 (eligible to become a Graduate of ISA) for migration purposes should be directed to VETASSESS for assessment.

The assessment is based upon the information provided to the Institution, and

AEI-NOOSR’s Country Educational Profiles to determine the equivalence of overseas courses as well as an examination of the experience gained by the applicant and responsibilities of the applicant in carrying out their work.

Application for Assessment

Applications for assessment of overseas qualifications must be made upon the form 

  Application for Assessment of Professional Qualifications (PDF), or by contacting the National Office

All of the information requested on the form must be supplied where possible. The processing fee of $450 (Australian – GST inclusive) must accompany the application form.

Processing of Applications for Assessment

The processing of an assessment will be completed generally within 1 month from receipt of the application. If additional information is required then it may take longer.

A letter will be sent to the applicant informing them, based upon the information provided to the Institution with the application form, whether they would be eligible to become a Corporate Member of The Institution of Surveyors, Australia Inc.


The Institution only carries out an assessment of the applicant’s qualifications and experience. It does not make any assessment nor make any recommendations as to the migration application.

Any inquiries regarding the migration application must be made to the Australian Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs.

Further Information

For further information regarding the assessment procedures please contact the National Office


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